Flames N Games Moonshine (Glow in The Dark) Flowerstick Set + FIBREGLASS Handsticks + Travel Bag! Ideal Flower Stick Set…

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Flames N Games MOONSHINE (Glow In The Dark) Flowerstick Set

Super Strong Fibreglass Handsticks

Cool Looking Travel Bag!


Flames N Games Glow In The Dark Flowerstick Set


Flames and Games

Our latest addition to the Flames N Games flowerstick range it the “Moonshine” flowerstick! Made from a robust fiberglass shaft coated in an ultra bright “Glow In The Dark” decoration and covered with grip rich 2mm silicone for superior handling & control! This ultra bright “Glow in the dark” decorative tape has a High-Energy glow of 210 mcd/sq.m (the brightest glow tape around, it even glows in daylight!) and has an ultra long lasting glow of (12h+) with luminescence after 20 min when charged under a light source.

The tape itself has been specifically designed for outdoor use so it can be charged by the sunlight with out deteriorating the photoluminescent pigments, like other cheaper glow tapes do. Built for extreme durability, the unbreakable shaft of these flower sticks is made from fibreglass which gives the stick a bit of flex as well as an incredible amount of strength! This means you can execute any move without having the fear of accidentally breaking your stick because you hit it too hard or stood on it. Tip: Wipe down the flower stick and hand sticks with a damp cloth and then dry them off for the ultimate grip! To finish off the stick it has been fitted with an ample amount of real suede tassels that are equally weighted on each side for perfect balance. Moonshine Flower sticks specs: Length:58cm Weight: 210g

Why You Should Get These?

Well for a starter  you will get a Top of the range set of indestructible clear ultra sticky silicone hand sticks. Made from a super strong fibreglass core, covered with 2mm think ultra grippy clear silicone and finished off with rubber ends, these hand sticks are the best money can buy!

The high quality 2mm thick silicone covering provides excellent grip as well as superb fire resistance! Tip: To get the best grip from the silicone handsticks make sure to wipe them with a damp cloth and then let them dry before you start playing. These Fibreglass handsticks are ideal for all Flames ‘N Games Flower Sticks, Devil Sticks and Fire Devil Sticks! Hand sticks Specs: Length: 42cm, weight: 80g each. Overall diameter: 14mm.

The Travel Bag

Flames N Games Travel Bag. Excellent for transporting & storing any fire or decorated devil stick and hand sticks. These bags are made from a heavy duty, heat & waterproof material which makes them perfect for storing hot, soaked and smelly fire devil sticks as well as keeping together your beloved set of devil sticks. The bag has a solid feel and the material is double stitched making it durable and designed to last for years! After a complete re-design of this single staff bag we have added on a few extras: 1. The all new adjustable shoulder strap, which can also be removed simply by undoing the large plastic clips on either end. 2. A box type pocket that is big enough to accommodate a wallet, phone and some keys! Devil Stick Bag specifications: Length: 70cm , Weight: 150g

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