Plate Spinning

The Best Plate Spinning Kits

Plate spinning and bowl spinning have been associated with juggling throughout history. There are lots of different types  of plate spinning that can be done by performers. Some are really basic and can be taught and learned in a matter of minutes. Others are quite advanced.

In the Far East and China, acrobatic performances date back at least  to the Western Han Dynasty. It was during this time that the Show Of One Hundred Skills, which was also known as the 100 Games, came about. These amazing performances  included acrobatics,  dragon dances, music, acting and circus skills, including plate spinning. What we do know is  that by the third century A.D., these acts included plate spinning, which was called the dance of the seven plates.

Plate spinning in Western culture also has a long history. There are multiple examples of plate spinning appearing in drawings in books in the early 1300s. So why not learn this skill? Click on any image below to be taken to a detailed description of each product we sell.