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Founded in 2018 Juggle a lot had become the one stop resource for all of your circus equipment and performance needs. We are on only sell what we love and cater from the advanced juggler and performer to the novice. As well as your conventional juggling sticks we also stock a huge range of other cool products to hone your performance skills or start off a new hobby. This equipment includes unicycles, diablos Hula Hoops, YoYos, stilts and of course plate spinning.  So instead of mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook or seeing the latest happenings on Instagram try something new and different, buy some of our equipment and become an expert in the world of entertainment, and more importantly, really impress your friends and family

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Being an amateur Juggler or performer doesn’t matter. Here at Juggle a lot we cater for all. Learning to Juggle, Spin plates, unicycle or stilt walk doesn’t have to be complicated and unachievable. We have performing equipment and gear for every time of person and skill level.  If your looking to learn to juggle and are on the beginners path, don’t worry! Embrace the challenge, read our blog posts and away you go. Check out some of out most popular products below, and if you like what you see, pay a visit to our shop page where you will see 100s of pieces of circus and performance equipment to really test your coordination skills.

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Blue Majestix Juggling Sticks Devil Sticks

Blue Majestix Juggling Sticks Devil Sticks

$39.99 $31.95
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Higgins Brothers Devil Stick Flower Stick Set

Higgins Brothers Devil Stick Flower Stick Set

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Mister M Ultimate Flowerstick Set (Blue)

Mister M Ultimate Flowerstick Set (Blue)

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We love to blog.  Who doesn’t? So here you will find all of the latest news and happenings from around the world regarding circus equipment, performers and of course the reviews that we have carried out on the products that we sell. After all. if it isn’t any good then it doesn’t appear on our website.  Don’t forget that we are always after collaborators to help us keep our blog up to date, so get in touch with us and learn how you can contribute to our cause. 

light up Hula Hoop

Light up a hula hoop

Light Up Hula Hoop   Light up a hula hoop brings beautiful design when performing. A highly-skilled, sophisticated, and sassy performance that mixes dance and
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weight loss hula hoops

Weight loss hula hoops

Weight Loss Hula Hoops We include products we expect are useful for our readers. If you purchase through links on this page, we may earn
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what is a diablo

What is A Diabolo

So What Is A Diablo? The diabolo may be a circus skill, also mentioned as a juggling toy, which consists of a spool propelled and

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Chinese yoyo

One of the favored sports in China is messing about with the Chinese yo-yo 抖空竹 dǒukōngzhú. the essential yo-yo is formed like two disks connected
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Chinese yoyo tricks

Chinese yoyo tricks

Chinese yoyo tricks One of the foremost basic yet exciting tricks one can perform with a Chinese Yoyo is that the throw and catch. Let’s

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For thousands of years, the diabolo has been fascinating people everywhere on the planet. Today diabolo-artists use 3, 4, or maybe 5 diabolos for his
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Hula Hoop

The hula hoop is the new fitness trend. Many celebrities have long ago succumbed to the tire hype. What is Hula Hoop and where does

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