What Are the Different Types of Juggling?

Different types of juggling

What Are the Different Types of Juggling ?   When many think of juggling, they imagine a performer tossing objects into the air and catching them, but there are actually many different types of juggling. What are these different types of juggling? 1. Toss Juggling Toss juggling is the type of juggling that most people …

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Mister M Ultimate Juggling Products

ultimate juggling

The internationally acclaimed entertainer, author winner of countless festivals and awards presents his Ultimate Juggling Products. These products have sold worldwide and are awesome for beginners, intermediates and pros alike. His Juggling balls, juggling Scarves and Diablos , along with¬† his instructional videos will have you juggling in no time, or your money back! “And …

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How Juggling Exercises Your Brain And Keeps Your Mind Active

juggling exercises

The benefits of juggling exercises and learning to juggle aren’t just for entertainers trying to work a crowd. It’s an aerobic exercise, it develops your core strength, and the real focus required to juggle multiple objects from hand to hand can be a stress-relieving distraction. (That is, as long as you aren’t juggling chainsaws, torches …

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